We tell three-dimensional stories

Who we are

We are a close-knit team of designers who specialize in telling three-dimensional stories. We come from diverse backgrounds that allow us to wear many hats on a project, but we share common characteristics of curiosity, compassion, and drive.


Jason Hall

Jason works to bolster the performance of organizations by developing solutions that integrate people, place, and process. His experience encompasses a broad range of project types and sizes, bringing unique expertise to his clients. Regardless of scale, all of Jason’s projects begin with careful planning and a focus on storytelling in space. He collaborates with clients and consultants to create thoughtful, compelling interior spaces.

Jen McCord

Jen McCord

Jen’s dedication to client service drives her creative work. The decisions she makes on a client’s behalf are grounded in the impact they will have on users. This empathetic approach results in spaces tailored to and inspired by her clients, telling their stories in clear, concise, and sometimes unexpected ways.

Marc Woodcock

Marc Woodcock, AIA, NCIDQ

Marc strives to create a positive, collaborative experience for his clients, working alongside them through the entire design and construction process. His experience touches every phase of a project, which allows him to see the big picture. This ensures that projects are delivered on time and at the highest possible quality.

Ariana Martinez

Ariana Martinez, WELL AP

Ariana is dedicated to creating meaningful, relevant environments and experiences. She draws on her conceptual and technical design skills as well as her diverse project background to tell a client’s story through their space.

Shane O'Brien

Shane O’Brien

Shane's design approach is to put people first while evoking a level of character within a space. He prides himself on creating inspiring interiors that cater to the human experience.

Rachel Hillmann

Rachel Hillmann

Rachel believes listening is the key to creating inspiring spaces. Her commitment to the success of clients, consultants, and partners results in well-executed projects that tell relevant stories. She balances her strong design skills with technical proficiency and an attention to detail.


Emma Sorenson

As Business Manager, Emma operates between detailed financial record-keeping and administrative management skills. She believes in the power of clear communication, creativity, and efficiency, and her enthusiasm for her work is infectious.


How we do it

We have deep expertise in delivering superior design work. Because each and every project is unique, we painstakingly plan out our approach, developing a roadmap to guide everyone’s efforts. When needed, we tap into our extensive network of specialists, bringing a whole new level of experience, skill, and service to our clients. 

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Who are our clients

Our business is almost entirely driven by repeat clients and referrals. We work with people who value design and understand that it is more than a means to an end. We focus on brand in space, and this expertise resonates with our clients and their business goals.

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But wait, who is Charlie?

The story of Charlie Greene Studio begins with Jason Hall’s maternal grandfather. Charlie Greene Mann wasn’t an architect or an interior designer. CG was a meter reader from Columbus, Georgia. And an exceptional storyteller.

Every day, CG would travel from house to house, and every day he would collect stories from people around the neighborhood. He loved people, and he was always free to lend an empathetic ear.

Today, this is what Charlie Greene Studio stands for. Empathy and respect. Honesty and a healthy dose of humor. People and their stories. Because every meaningful connection starts with a story.

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